Fleshworks Albums

Engine of Perdition

released in March 23, 2018 via apostasy records

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Jewelcase-CD + Digital Album
Black Vinyl
Gold Vinyl


01. Death By Autopsy
02. Clockwork Of The Empires
03. Spitting Venom
04. Acclamation To Deprivation
05. The Moloch
06. Somewhere In The Severs
07. Walk The Purgatory Lane
08. In The Face
09. Steamram Beating
10. Dead Men Working

The Deadventure

Debut Album of Fleshworks
released September 28, 2009 via Delicious Bowels Agency

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Jewelcase-CD + Digital Album

This Deadventure was produced in the band’s own studio and combines gruelling British heaviness,
American tempo and Swedish melancholy in an acoustic bloody orgy that will make die-hard death metal fans prick up their ears.


1. Shadows
2. Cannibal Cave
3. The inside Disease
4. We are the Dead
5. The Cleansing
6. Hungry are the Damned
7. For the Weak and for the Wounded
8. Blood Sculptures
9. The Awakening of the Ghoul
10. The Fall of the (USS) Indianapolis


Fleshworks ‚The Deadventure‘
Recorded anno 2008 by Sven Sievering
at the ‚Trollheimstudio‘/Osnabrück/Germany
mixed & Mastered by Matthias Lohmöller
at ‚DocMaKlang‘ /Osnabrück/Germany
All songs are written by Fleshworks
Cover artwork concept and logo design
by Alexander Schmidt

No harmonizers and virtual amps on this Album!

© all rights reserved by Fleshworks